What Are GIF Booths?

Adding new energy and excitement to weddings and other events, GIF booths let personalities and creativity shine. Rather than capturing only still photographs, GIF booths create an animated image, otherwise known as a GIF. 


GIF booths pump extra life and fun into your wedding festivities. Because the booths are new on the scene, we thought we’d highlight the main details for you.  


How does it work? 


The GIF booth captures anywhere from 3 to 6 high-quality photographs. Then, a moving, animated GIF is created which is immediately uploadable to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Even though the result is animated, the image quality is completely maintained. 


Your GIFs are saved on file for future viewing - you’ll receive a link to view all of the GIFs in a gallery after your event, where you can save them to your computer or share them again on social media.


What options does a GIF booth offer?


With the GIF booth, several customizations are available. You decide both the background and foreground of your GIF. Your background can be a green screen, or you can keep what’s there in real life. You can even display the wedding date and your names on the GIF and image printouts. 


In addition, you select the animation speed of your GIF. Once you view a few styles and speeds, you’ll be able to pick what’s right for you. 


This is what makes GIF booths a fantastic choice - they fully represent you, your story, and the vibe of your festivities. With all of the available options, your GIF booth is personalized to exactly what you want. 


Guests can dance, pose, laugh, and let loose at your wedding, creating memories and dynamic images that will last forever.


If you’re interested in adding a fresh approach to your wedding and want to book a GIF booth, let our staff know. We can help design a booth that’s perfect for you and your wedding celebration.