CASE STUDIES | Headshots

We often get calls for headshots and to ensure that we help the company represent their brand properly we as a variety of questions.  It helps us identify issues that may arise and to help save the client money in the long run.  Below are some samples of our work and a couple of case studies.  Please connect with us to explore how we can help your brand perform better!

We service Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby, Langley and Surrey.  Whether at our studio or live on location, you can be sure that we will help you refine your marketing message and project that through a headshot that is relevant to who you are and who you want to appeal to.

Farris, Murphy, Vaughn LLP

When we first started working with Farris, they had a photographer whom they worked with.  Their painpoint was that although they liked their photographer, the photos were inconsistent and were not particularly attractive.  Upon scouting the location where photos typically took place I understood the challenges the previous photographer had.  

Our contact at the time asked if we could replicate their photos and my response was "Can we not?"

I explained that the area the previous photographer chose wasn't a great location and that was why they struggled to maintain consistency and have poorly lit photos.

A few adjustments in location and a systematic way to create a unified look helped improve the visual identity of the company and their associates.

Over the course of the next few years, our photos and reputation grew in the firm.  People who previously resisted getting an updated photo from that last photographer came to see us during our visits.

Our approach to doing headshots on location is not only efficient, but also is focused on the subject.  We want them to feel great and be happy before we leave.