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Brand Discovery

Explore and discover your secret sauce and formalize your brand so you know who you tribe is.  Attract the right people.

Content Strategy

Pair decades of business acumen, online and offline marketing strategies to give you the upper hand against your competition.  

Content Production

High Quality, Thoughtful and Engaging photos and videos produced to compel people to be part of your tribe.  

Content Management

We put the photos and videos produced in front of the right people at the right time to have higher quality leads.

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Three Sixty Media is a comprehensive marketing strategy agency.  Our founder has built businesses in various sectors and has a wealth of experience in marketing and systems development.  Our primary goal is to help people achieve their goals and dreams.  We offer a truly unique approach in that we look at businesses from a macroscopic and microscopic view that make up the many interactions that impact the business.  We don’t just look at one small facet to improve it.  During discovery, the immense value you get is huge.


We’ll break down the customer journey and analyze the business both internally and externally.  We leverage years of business acumen and deep knowledge of various online and offline platforms to help you reach your tribe of raving fans.


As you grow, we scale with you and help you internalize a marketing department if you wish to do so.  The honest truth is that there comes a time where outsourced vs in house will always be more economical or beneficial to the business.  When that time comes we can either prepare you for exit to bring marketing in-house or stay on in some capacity as advisors.


Marketing that actually impacts your bottom line requires knowledge and time.  Our mission is to help you bridge those gaps so that you can focus on your business and being the innovator in your space.  We look forward to moving the needle in your business.  Fill out our contact form below and let’s get started on a game changing journey together.  Whether your a business of 1 or 100, if you are a good fit with us we want to help you reach your dream together!

We want to move the needle for 1000 businesses

Having the right team behind you is like wind in your sails.  As you navigate and innovate in your area of expertise, your team should be behind you to help elevate you.  The right marketing team means they can take your vision and help translate that to the people who will become your tribe of raving fans.


But how do you know which team is the right one?  If you had to create an in-house team, what would that look like?  How would you teach them how to sell to your customers and direct them to do create things to attract new clients?  Do you hire a marketing assistant first?  Do you need a graphics designer then?  How about when you need photos and video?  How do you translate all of those things into a specific campaign?  How do you repurpose all the assets so you maximize the time put in?!  SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!  The simple answer is you don’t take it in house at first.  Finding the right marketing partner outside of your organization will allow you to accelerate during the most difficult part of brand development.  The creation of strategy and a strong foundation.  It’s not your forte, and to spend enough time to learn and then teach it back to someone (not to mention going through the hiring process) takes you away from what you do best.  


So finding the right team now is the difficult part.  There are so many different marketers out there today.  People who specialize in Facebook Ads, SEO, Graphics, Activations, YouTube or Instagram and the list goes on and on and on.  How do you know what is right for you?  How do you know if they will do a good job?


There needs to be a level of trust with your team.  What you will disclose in the discovery phase is very intimate knowledge of your business.  You should ensure that the company you hire has an exit plan for you and doesn’t want you to be just a perpetual client.  This is how you know they are serving themselves and not you as a priority.


The right team should not only be advisors to you on what is current best practices, but also be willing to teach you so you understand what they are doing.  Now it’s up to you if you want to learn or understand, but the right team should be eager to have you roll up the sleeves.


With a comprehensive team, they should be able to help you in the various levels of your business.  Marketing is not just outbound sales, it encompasses everything from sales to corporate culture and community impact.  The right team helps you look at a very macro and micro scale of your business.


A 1-2 person business’s needs are different than a 50-100 person company.  Their targets are different, their needs and complexities are different.  Having a team that can adjust and scale as you grow means you don’t have to be the one to steer the ship, the team is already a step ahead and advising you on the different possibilities that lie ahead.


So where are you going to find your team?