Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos help promote a product or service.  It can be brash and in your face, it can also be abstract and subtle.  Our team can help you wade through a variety of options during our discovery session.  It is here where we can identify how to create a great marketing piece.  We take into account a large variety of variables to ensure that we not only have an effective and relevant video for you, but also one that has longevity.


We utilize a variety of skills, techniques and equipment to help you achieve an authentic feel to your viewer.  Marketing videos don't always have to be produced by us either.  We can help you consult, set you up for your own videos and help you edit them.  Each project is different and we look at all possibilities to ensure the best fit.

The Langara Communications and Marketing team reached out to us on behalf of the Co-operative Education department to create a video that showcased the advantages of coop as opposed to just completing a degree.  After a few discussions we agreed that interviewing various students and the co-op director creating a story would be the best way.

We decided that the choice for voice would be more in line with what goes on in a student's head and felt that the hard answers and questions would get better response.

We were successful in the implementation and both the department and C+M reported the video was very well received despite initial concerns on voice.

Seacity Fitness wanted to showcase their classes and the unique twist on traditional group sessions.  This is a sample from the series of videos we did on each class.

We discussed using models to increase the prestige and perception of the classes.  However, through discovery we discovered budgetary restraints and scheduling variability that would not have made it work for the client.

We decided to use actual facility members and to ensure that we protected the client, we had them sign waiver releases.  The client originally felt she wanted the aesthetic look to be contrasty and epic, but given the participant cohort, we advised against it as it would be a clash in messaging.  

Working through an agency, we collaborated using video and animated graphics as supplied through the agency to demonstrate the impact of the software as it pertained to the end user.

The client had a visual aesthetic as well as a preferred execution style.  We ensured we asked the right logistical questions to reaffirm to the agency we were onboard with their direction and putting their considerations in the driver's seat.  We offered suggestions and inputs to them to consider so they could evaluate and present to client should they wanted to go ahead.

The agency continued to work with us because of our ability to be humble and at the same time think collaboratively.

The Continuing Education department at Langara wanted to have a promo video for a very high profile instructor.

Their request was to have the talent do a talking head intro.  We wanted to go a step further to help improve branding other than lower thirds and fonts.  

We ended up finding a cloth that matched the Langara color palette to really help increase the polish on the video.