5 Tips on knowing you have the right videographer

Updated: Mar 7

Video is a growing medium. And much like how photos have now become the norm on Instagram, how do you start to stand out in today's marketplace?

Let's say you are a business owner and every day you see fewer and fewer people patron your business. The worry is real. It's all around us. The economy isn't as robust as it was and now saving every penny becomes more and more important as we brace for a shift. Will it implode? Nobody knows. But best be ready for it.

So where does that leave you with video? It's an important tool, but to many it's a luxury item. But is it? Or is it a necessity?

Video content can take on many forms and its uses are wide spread. The honest truth is production value has a small fraction of impact. Content has the most. So when you are trying to wade through the different people to help you with it, consider some of these tips to make sure that the Videographer you choose is on the right side of the fence. Yours.

1) A good videographer doesn't talk budget upfront. It's part of the equation, but a good videographer needs to spend time understanding your biggest pain points and then figure out how to overcome it. Budget then dictates production value and total allocated time. Not all productions have to be highly produced and expensive, it depends on your audience, where it fits in the overall scheme of your marketing and where you are in your business cycle.

2) A videographer that is truly on your side of the fence can think of a variety of ways to create content and really find ways to give you value. You pay a videographer not for their ability to hold a camera or press a button. A good videographer should act as an extension to your marketing. They should be able to convey concepts and ideas simply. The increase of production value is dependant on so many factors as mentioned above. If you pick the right videographer, they will be able to help you find your tribe of fans whether they use an iPhone or a $35,000 camera.

3) A litmus test on if the person you are considering is the right fit is whether the person is their ability to verbalize your brand voice and help you identify the obstacles that stand in the way. It is common place for a videographer to come in, get a few slick shots and then slap it together. The problem is that it lacks content, can be bloated or lack messaging which confuses the audience. A good videographer creates the story long before they shoot and then leaves room for extra creativity the day of. Because they have good context and focus, the extra creativity gets used in an effective manner and not just slapped together because they thought it was "cool."

4) Video has so many widespread applications, the right one will be able to multiply the effectiveness and reach to your ideal audiences. It's one thing to have a video, but one done with purpose and with foresight and thought can reap dividends. Thinking of ways to have evergreen content, additional content added, disassembling long form videos to repurpose on different platforms and understanding the different platforms used is a huge advantage. One video could end up in 15 different places or mediums that expands the reach you would have gotten had they not prepared and thought through things.

5) A great videographer should have insurance and business license. This is important as it helps you weed out people who don't care enough about their business to do things properly. The business and insurance isn't an indication of their level of skill, it is an indication of their level of commitment to protecting their clients and themselves. A business license is more than just a city hall approval. It is an obstacle that is a simple step in taking their business seriously. If they can't be bothered to get a license, you can't expect that they will deliver on time or put effort into giving you their best. It may mean their attention is diverted elsewhere, your job is just a hobby or extra money to pay for more gear. If that is where their locum of motivation is at, how can we expect that they will operate in our best interest?

In the end, choosing the right videographer is much like choosing the right tool in the kitchen. Trying to slice meat with a spoon makes the whole process tougher and less enjoyable. Instead of only looking at the numbers or going with the amateur, consider that a professional strategic videographer can create exceptional value for their work and help improve your bottom line. Because if they aren't improving your bottom line, it's not an investment, it's an expense.

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