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Red Carpet Experience

You’ve planned an event, tons of people are coming and now you are stuck on how to keep them entertained or moving through your event. 


How do you wow them?  How do you get your guests to feel like stars and create an opportunity for you to engage with them?  


How do you make that engagement organic, fun and exciting for them so that they talk about your event for days, months or years after the event?  How can you instill excitement in them to want to participate in the next year or other events you hold?


We have an amazing array of solutions available to help you create an event that wows.  We can help you create flow through your event and create a buzz and take-home messages.

Talk to our marketing strategist about what could fit in your event and how we can take your event to the next level!  The best marketing is one that doesn’t look like it’s marketing and we can offer solutions to help you.  


We can help you collect data naturally and seamlessly so that you can engage your audience better.  So why go to anyone else when all they do is show up and go through the motions?  Come to someone that cares about how to implement and create an effective engagement medium for your event.

Red Carpet events can be simple or complex by using Green Screen and elaborate props.  We can data capture, live print, live project or offer social media engagement as well.  The possibilities are endless.