Crafting Unforgettable Media Experiences


You have a busy schedule and clients to impress.  Knowing that the visual content part of your business is taken care of is peace of mind.  Our team helps you impress your clients by taking a comprehensive approach to every project.  It allows us to work in a well informed environment and help us think on your behalf.  

We act as an extension of your business.  Our longterm clients love us because we are more than just a photographer or videographer, we offer insight and understand their brand and how to create experiences that align with their core values and appeal to their ideal client.  CONNECT with us today to start your discovery session!

Event Photography

You put a lot of hard work in planning your event.  Countless hours are slaved over every detail.  More often than not, the amateur photographer you decide to hire either doesn't show up or get you great usable content for your event. 


We receive dozens of calls every year asking if we can help in an emergency because the photographer that they hired didn't show up. 


We don't bail on you ever.  Once we commit to your event, nothing will stop us from being there and delivering you an outstanding experience.


Unlike many of our other counterparts, we have a deep understanding of marketing and the things that are important for your business.  You won't get a hundred photos of irrelevant things that don't help your business.  Our expert team of photographers engage your guests and ensure that we get photos that you can use for future events and as recap to your event.

Always looking on how to give you the best bang for your dollar, our team constantly brainstorms on how to make your event better and help you get the most out of your investment.

Event Photography is a large component of our business.  We have worked with small and large companies covering events since 2001.  From awards galas to conferences of thousands of people we have the staff, the technology and the logistical prowess to make you look like a star.  In addition to coverage of your event you may also be interested in the marketing engagement products we have that can add to your event.  Our marketing strategist can help you craft an experience that will have everyone talking about how amazing your event was.  Don’t forget that we also provide video coverage services that can put an amazing touch to your event!

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Headshots & Portraits

Are you projecting the right message to your potential clientele?  Headshots are more than just a photograph, the right combination of colors, background, lighting and pose can affect how your are viewed.


The world is constantly judging us.  How many times have you been on the road and looked a photograph of a person on a bus or a billboard and instantly made an assumption on what they were like?  How many times have you subconsciously made a decision on whether to work with this person or not? 


Every company needs a great set of headshots to represent their business.  Headshots can portray many things and can play a large role in the way you market or present yourself or your staff.  The presentation of your headshots can tell your customers how much pride you put into your brand and your people.


We can help you find your voice and brand to make sure that you are saying what you want to say to your ideal clients.  We have techniques and solutions to help create longevity and consistency in your brand now and years down the road.  Talk to our strategist to see how we can craft your message to the world through headshots and show you how you can use them effectively to attract and retain the right clients!

CONTACT us today to see how we can effectively implement a headshot campaign for you!


Marketing Photos

You have spent hours slaving over the look and feel of your product or service.  How do you now project that to the world?  Do you use a catalog style of photo?  Do you use stylized campaigns? How do you know if your product is appealing to the right audience?


Our team provides a discovery and audit session with you prior to being commissioned.  It is EXTREMELY important for us to not only find ensure that we are the right fit for your project, but also to ensure that we understand your marketing message, help you refine it so that we can translate that message to the world through visual media.


Going beyond just a photograph, our team explores and looks at important variables related to your market to ensure that we are delivering an accountable marketing solution for you.


Marketing photos for web and print require a deep discovery of your brand.  We identify market conditions that affect your campaign as well as help refine and target your ideal clients.

We have access to amazing industry partners as well that help us round out that experience.  From Make Up Artists to Stylists we can assemble a full campaign for you.

Have your own agency or your own marketing department?  Not a problem!  We work hand in hand with many agencies to help their vision.  They love us because we speak their language and put ego aside for the better good of the client!

If you require white label services, please connect with us to discuss how we can help!

Red Carpet Experience

You’ve planned an event, tons of people are coming and now you are stuck on how to keep them entertained or moving through your event. 


How do you wow them?  How do you get your guests to feel like stars and create an opportunity for you to engage with them?  


How do you make that engagement organic, fun and exciting for them so that they talk about your event for days, months or years after the event?  How can you instill excitement in them to want to participate in the next year or other events you hold?


We have an amazing array of solutions available to help you create an event that wows.  We can help you create flow through your event and create a buzz and take-home messages.

Talk to our marketing strategist about what could fit in your event and how we can take your event to the next level!  The best marketing is one that doesn’t look like it’s marketing and we can offer solutions to help you.  


We can help you collect data naturally and seamlessly so that you can engage your audience better.  So why go to anyone else when all they do is show up and go through the motions?  Come to someone that cares about how to implement and create an effective engagement medium for your event.

Red Carpet events can be simple or complex by using Green Screen and elaborate props.  We can data capture, live print, live project or offer social media engagement as well.  The possibilities are endless.


Event Videography

Photographs don't always capture the event or the message by itself.  In today's busy world, video has become the mainstream way of delivering media.


But with millions of videos bombarding us everyday, how do you make sure your video gets watched?  Having just a recap of your event isn't going to give you any traction.  You need to dig deeper into the minds of your viewers.

We help you create impactful and engaging videos to help deliver your message and attract more people who resonate with your message.  

But what if you are hosting a conference with tons of speakers and important topics?  Our team can help you with the archival process and help you take it one step further where we can audit the content to ensure an engaging delivery to keep that content viewed and revered! 

 In today's media climate, many promoters try to create recap videos of their event.  However, what they fail to realize is that most people aren't truly interested in the recap of the event.  Instead, we help promoters and agencies focus on how to create pieces that engage potential leads to want to commit to the next event or to subscribe to their mailing lists to find out when they can next engage with your company.


Whatever your project, we can work as your trusted advisor or in tandem to an existing marketing team.  We ask important questions so we can give you a product that will help provide you a great return on investment.

Let's explore your project in depth and get a custom solution built around your needs today!


Education Videos

How many times have you watched a how-to video and fell into a sleepy coma?  Or even worse, click on a video only to see how long it is and then said "FORGET IT."


Delivery of content in an easy assimilatable manner takes effort and ingenuity.  We can help you refine your tutorial to an easy to understand and follow piece so that you can do what you do best, entertain your audience!


We audit your project and help you identify ways to promote your brand vertically through your marketing strategy but also offer insight on how to horizontally promote your brand with others or within other campaigns you have running.


We can help you be nimble in emerging trends and help you find your voice and your brand.


Did you have a product or service that you want to show the world?  Maybe it’s to be put on social media?  Perhaps it’s being submitted for something bigger, either way we’d love to help.  Our personalized process takes the guesswork out of what to do, we ask relevant and important questions to ensure that we create a video that will serve the purpose effectively.  There are many ways to present something and that’s where sitting down with our strategist will help you narrow down how to best reach your audience.  You don’t get that level of service from just any videographer

Let's start a dialog about your project and see how we can create an effective video that can help showcase your expertise!


Marketing Videos

CONTENT IS KING.  Marketing today is different from before. Everyone is vying for attention and now more important than ever it is about connecting and giving meaning to story.

It is taking the time to understand the people you want to reach.  It means that blanket campaigns are being replaced by silos.

Let us be your guide to giving your cause a voice.  Our comprehensive approach begins with a discovery session.  That session alone is worth the price of admission.

From there, let us be proactive thinkers for you and your brand.  Let us help you stretch the creative boundaries to reach an audience that you want to reach.  

We explore various styles of promotion and marketing to come up with a concept that will help get you the attention you are looking for.

Once we complete a marketing video for you, let us show you how to implement it.  We want our products to work hard for you and be a valuable part of your marketing campaigns.


Green Screen Portraits

You spend hours on creating a theme for your event.  You've got the decorations and all the invitations made.  But how can you elevate your event to another level? 


What if we can help you unlock the power of imagination?!  We can help you identify ways we can engage your guests and create something that stirs imagination.  Empowering people to imagine brings out the natural fun and curiosity in everyone.


We can utilize the power of greenscreen to unlock imagination.  Take your guests to new places, encourage them to be another person or even be part of another world! 


As the premiere greenscreen specialists in Vancouver, our attention to creating an amazing experience and product is unsurpassed.

Bring your event to a new level of engagement with our greenscreen option.  Our engagement strategist will help you develop an engaging opportunity to connect with your guests like never before.

You want to be different from other companies right?  Make your message stand out by connecting with us to unlock unlimited possibilities!

Hashtag Printing

The world of hashtags have really come into full swing in the last few years.  Being able to search much of the internet using keywords or creative hashtags means that we can help you engage in a social media savvy generation. 


Twitter, Instagram and Facebook utilizes hashtags to help users search for things and now we can harness that power to help you spread your message.


We help you develop catchy hashtags for users to use and capture their images and print them with your branding on it.  Great for multi-location activations, or special display concepts this booth is sure to hit the spot!

Let's do more together and spread the word about your message!  Connect with us to explore your project today and create a custom solution that delivers results!


Photobooth Rentals

You want to find a way to engage your guests but also a way to open an opportunity for your company to start a dialog with your ideal clients. 


Our photobooths are not only brandable, but also have the ability to interact with your clients to help you capture leads and create an opportunity to engage them in an organic and fun manner.

Easily the most engaging and used event activation, the photobooth pairs current technology with a nostalgic concept.  Whether you are using greenscreen for a special activation, one of our beautiful backdrops, or in an open concept, our booths can help you elevate your event.

Our rentals always include an attendant, props, setup, teardown, a copy of digital files and custom designs for the prints.

We have both open and closed options available so we can help any event.

Connect today to engage people beyond just a booth!


GIF Booth Rentals

An ultra light weight, portable photobooth that can be used without power when not producing prints.  Giving your guests the power to email their photos to them as well as creating moving GIFs for extra fun makes this the perfect booth for people who want something engaging, easy to move around and fits into small spaces.

It's gorgeous ring light design gives a high fashion look to the images and it's easy to use interface makes it quick and easy for people to use the booth!

Open or closed, indoor or out, this booth is certainly a game changer!

Connect today to learn how we can blow your guests out of the water with our GIF booths!