What Are Headshots Used For?

Headshots are a gateway to immediately connect with another person.


In a digital world, it is common to be in contact with a person without knowing what they look like.


In order to add a layer of personal connection, letting a person see a picture of you can help increase a level of trust.


Headshots are used for a variety of reasons.  One reason is for resumes and social media.


While it is true that a person should hire you because of your qualifications, the reality is we as humans need to connect.  If you are in a pile of resumes on a desk, the odds are a professional photograph of you can be the difference maker in you getting a call or not.  You can give your interviewer a sense of personality and style.  This can help tremendously especially if your resume may be a bit weaker, but your personality and style suits the business.  You MAY get a shot at an interview just because they liked your vibe.


Social media is now front and centre in our lives.  We connect with people online at a blazing pace.  Because so much of it is happening in a medium where we don’t meet face to face, a photo can be the bridge to creating a connection!  Having a great photo can attract more people to you whether it’s for business or for personal relationships.  No way to be politically correct about it, we are superficial creatures and a great looking person attracts our attention way faster than a person with a great personality.  Problem is if you don’t have a great way to attract a person to connect with you, they’ll never know what a great personality you have!


The other reason for having an amazing headshot is to help strengthen the sales cycle for business.  In today’s business environment we are meeting people all the time and that keeps us “busy.”  The real conversions get done later and part of that is making sure that you are memorable.  Amongst the many other marketing factors, your headshot is one key component for having people remember you.  Following up with a connection via email with a picture in your signature is one way to do so.  In a blazing fast environment, a creative headshot can spark memory for someone to remember your product or service when they come across a trigger.


Business cards are great, but how many times have they been left in pockets, cars or desks gathering dust?  When you finally find it, you don’t remember what the person looks like?  Headshots are a great way to jog the memory.  So when you sent a follow up message or card, having your headshot there to remind a person of who you are can be a great way to strengthen the sales conversion process.  After all, people do business with people they know, like and trust.


Trust is a very important component of the buying cycle.  Why do you think every realtor has a headshot for their business?


Headshots can be used passively on documents, on job sites or on websites to show a face, but that is not all.


Headshots can be crafted to give a viewer a glimpse of your personality, your beliefs, your work or your style.


A great headshot can invoke feelings in an individual.  It can help form a connection long before you meet in person.  


If a person perceives you to be a professional and happy human being via a picture, they will be more open and more willing to connect with you.


So rather than just getting a plain old headshot on a white backdrop, it may be in your best interest to connect with a professional that can show you how you can make your headshot a valuable tool for you.


The main point a true professional will help you with is identifying your ideal client and exploring on how to craft a look that is most suitable to attract the client.  


Many business owners make the mistake of getting an average headshot with little to no thought in the process.  They go to a friend or maybe to a young budding photographer to get their picture done.  


As much as budgets are important to consider, consider the time it takes for you to get an average headshot that doesn’t help your brand.  What client could you have gained or lost because they were browsing through your website or on your social media avenues and you didn’t stand out.  What’s worse is, what if your competition’s headshot does stand out?!  What if you were in an automotive repair centre and you saw a generic white headshot?  Would you feel like the place was worth checking out?  Now, what if it were a headshot where the owner was surrounded by cars or in a neat and tidy shop?  


In a purchasing environment where people are now more visual than ever before, you have an opportunity to capitalize just by making sure your headshot is well thought out and presented!


If the difference in getting a converting headshot meant one extra client over a generic one, wouldn’t that be enough to offset the cost difference of getting a properly thought out shot?


Three Sixty Media has a long standing history of working with businesses in a variety of industries both in Vancouver and abroad.  Our comprehensive look at your business is only a small fraction of the value added service our headshots come with.  We take time to analyze your branding, sales cycle, industry and competitors to ensure that we help you maximize the use of your headshot.  We talk about clothing, hair, makeup, locations, ideas, lighting styles to ensure that we are not delivering our “style” but instead, creating your brand.


Stop looking at people who are transactional in nature and instead, look at a company that is truly invested in your success.  Our success rides on your success and we have been making businesses successful for over 17 years.


Stay tuned for our next article that will talk about different styles of headshots.