Being a YouTube sensation requires a lot of hard work and consistent effort.  There is extreme value to being a success on YouTube.  We have worked with successful people to help them catapult their popularity.  We are your YouTube video partner in a number of different capacities.  Please contact us for more information!

A long time partnership with Mijune Pak of Follow Me Foodie really allowed us to be a part of her meteoric success.  While her hard work on her blog really drives the majority of her success, we collaborated on a variety of videos that were successful.

In the end, through her hard work and perseverance she landed a spot on Top Chef Canada as a resident judge.


In this example, our role was to collaborate in fleshing out ideas that she had.  We filmed and edited many pieces on her channel and some videos reached up to 65,000 views.


This is just one way that we can help be your partner.  A production agency that implements concepts 

An introduction to David Dotan of Forex gentleman came by the way of a business colleague.

David wanted a promotional video to be the center stage of his YouTube channel.

We were instrumental in the adapting of script and filming the interview that underlays the video.  David provided us with other content he had filmed to add visual interest and we had to find creative ways to implement them.

Finishing off the project led us to help him setup his YouTube recording space where he could continue creating content for his viewers.

Our goal was to help him find a long term sustainable solution that made it turnkey for him.  

Nupoint was introduced to us through an agency.  We worked hand in hand to help the digital agency collect assets and assemble videos that showcased the product.

Adding graphics and creating thumbnails for the agency allowed them to focus on the brand development and leave the repetitive work to us.

As a partner they could rely on us to turn projects around consistently and efficiently.  This is yet another way we can help support agencies and businesses by editing content for them.

Our own lead strategist worked on the YouTube game primarily to test drive a variety of options and to get a better feel for the YouTube interface.

We felt that to be able to guide clients and to manage expectations it would be important that we go through the process ourselves.  

Stay Healthy Daddy was a test trial for this work and with the knowledge we gained we are able to help clients project better.  We were able to identify ways to reduce stress for the client, improve speed and workflow, how to help clients troubleshoot when they took over the reins of their own content.