Portrait Booths

Portrait Booths encompass a wide array of setups.  The common theme amongst them all is that it is photographer operated.  There are benefits of having a photographer interact with people.  There is a human connection that allows for a more refined look and polish to the picture than a photobooth which is automated.  Lighting and posing by a photographer gives a more refined look and is a great way to add a more luxurious experience to your event.

Here are some general portrait booth setups and photos but also look at our other options such as Red Carpet Experience and Greenscreen Booths to see how we can apply the portrait booth experience to a different application!

Different booths and lighting styles help with the look and feel.  Our discussion with you to start the project often involves how we want the look and feel to be.  We discuss challenges, logistics, branding, placement and distribution.

This discussion is very eye opening even for seasoned veterans because as we know, when we are knee deep in things sometimes it is hard to step back and see a bigger picture.  We are your ally to help make everything go well.