Portrait Booths

High Class Feeling to your Event.


Vancouver's #1 Choice for Portrait Booths.

Choose your backdrop + an overlay design!

  • Professional Quality

    Our portrait booths are equipped with high-end photography equipment, ensuring professional-grade photos. This is crucial for creating a lasting impression, whether for personal branding, corporate events, or special occasions.

  • Customization

    We offer tailored experiences to match the theme and goals of your event or branding needs. This includes custom backdrops, props, and photo templates that align with your brand identity or event theme, enhancing the overall experience and engagement.

  • Engagement and Entertainment

    Beyond just taking photos, our portrait booths serve as an entertainment hub, engaging guests and creating a fun, memorable experience. This engagement is key in making events successful and memorable.

  • Dedicated Support

    With Three Sixty Media, clients receive the backing of our dedicated administrative team, ensuring smooth communication and execution from planning to post-event follow-up.

Backdrop + Overlay

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