Brand Development

Creating a Brand

Creating a brand is more than just colours, logo or font. It is the careful curating of visual communication to your target audience.

Most business owners start with something super basic.  Those who are absolutely bootstrapping their business start off with a Text editor of some sort and produce a logo.

I know I did when I first created my logo many moons ago.  Little did I understand at the time that the journey of refining and defining a brand would be so convoluted. I seriously was that guy who thought a logo was a brand.

In my exploration I realized many things, one of which was that my external environment had a tremendous impact on my personal vision.  That is to say, I started to take on what I thought people wanted to see and lost my own identity in the process.

This would take me years of exploration into my own personal truths to arrive at the brand we have today.

Are you feeling somewhat lost too?  Here is how I realized I was lost:

  • I could not articulate what I did in a way that was compelling and different from any other person in my industry.
  • I had a mixed bag of clients. Some good, some not so good.
  • I lost many "ideal" clients because they got confused
  • I lost some big accounts because my marketing wasn't clear.
  • I had a mixed bag of people in my organization. Some that really got along and some that really did not fit.

Ultimately, what I discovered about brand led me down the road to create an educational arm of Three Sixty Media so that we could help business owners get clear on their vision and articulate their message.

To compliment that work, we began a new market segment to help budding business owners get started with their branding and marketing journey.

Case Studies

Branding vs Marketing

A quick search on Google and you will see a ton of information on Branding and Marketing.  So rather than repeating everything else, I will share with you the most valuable lesson I learned in my own journey.

Your Brand can be anything you want it to be but without properly curating your content and narrative, you run the risk of creating a disjointed marketing effort.

Do you know the phrase "Actions speak louder than words?" This is true in branding and marketing. If you want to produce a luxury brand but your thoughts and actions are not aligned, people start to see gaps and the trust in your brand erodes.

So the clients we take on are people who are looking to embrace their truths and want us to help them amplify their "secret sauce" in a way that people resonate with it.

What does doing Brand Development with Three Sixty Media look like?

We approach branding through a 3 step process

  1. We identify key elements that make you memorable.
  2. We create and test various visual elements.
  3. We finalize our work and provide you with the assets and onboarding information so you can use the assets effectively.

Can you work with companies outside of Canada?

While Three Sixty Media operates in Vancouver, British Columbia their work is not bound to their region.

We can help you develop your brand through the power of the internet.

We help clients:

  • Develop Logos
  • Develop Brand Voice
  • Develop Graphic Elements to anchor the brand
  • Develop Brand Bibles that guide an organization
  • Curate Colour Palettes
  • Design Social Media Assets

If you are looking to work with a company that is accountable in their decision making, has a systematic way of extracting your brand essence and then putting all the elements together in a cohesive way so that you can use it proudly then Three Sixty Media is your team.

Brands that we have created and refined