CASE STUDIES | Marketing Photos

Marketing photos help your brand by creating a feeling or a style that you want to associate with your brand.  Contrary to belief, it's not that any photo will do, but the look and the style of photograph you use also plays an important role.  Don't just let any photographer represent your brand.  It's best to find a company who understands the look and concept properly so that they can help think on your behalf.  At Three Sixty we will be honest and upfront with you if we feel we cannot represent your brand visually.  We feel that this is an important part of the process and are happy to be your trusted advisor.  Serving Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby and Langley we can help your business gain more business.  If you are holding an event, great event photography can help you market your business just the same.  You can check out our Event Photography page for more information.

C&O Apparel

C&O Apparel manufactures clothing for a variety of brands.  They are in constant need for catalog and hand tag photos for their clothing lines.  Each brand has minor differences and feels and so we help bridge that by offering insight on how we can better display the outfits, pose the model and present specific aspects of outfits.

Oxford Properties

Oxford Properties is a commercial property management company with a focus on award winning building designs.  Wanting to have some photographs for their website, along with some headshots and some special images to submit to BOMA awards, we have worked with them on numerous occasions to help keep a congruent look to their brand